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Translation office is able to offer translation services for texts of any topic. Translations now are the most demanded services, these services are provided every day. We are able to ensure them thanks to the wide range of translators and foreign partners that is constantly being supplemented. We are able to offer customers fast and, above all, high-quality translation services at affordable prices. We do not stop at the follow-up and continue to improve both the quality of services being provided and increase the range of languages being offered.

Translations with notary certification

The main reason why the customers need the notary certification is that customers require the translation of official or legal documents, for example: marriage certificates, driver's licenses, land register, etc. According to the laws and regulations of the RL a certified notary can certify the translation from one language into another only if he/she knows both these languages. If the notary does not know the relevant languages, authenticity of translator's signature that has performed the translation of the document concerned is certified.


Interpreting is a demanded service, but also one of the most complex types of translation that often creates uncertainty in clients about its pricing. In today's circumstances, it is no longer enough of language knowledge; interpreter’s responsibilities include knowledge of various business specifics, communication skills as well as the knowledge of business language and interaction.

Basic types of interpreting:

Web page translation

Translation service which is used by many companies requiring high-quality translations of their website that gives a correct picture of the company, its activities and values. The website is a business card for any company, therefore the target language should be easily perceived. Still, many entrepreneurs are trying to make savings on creation of the image, which has a negative impact on the company's further cooperation with prospective partners.


Translation of audio and video materials is a very complicated work where the translator has not just to translate the text, but to convey the author’s idea and feelings created around it to the reader or listener. Our translation office is always ready to assist and provide the highest quality translations also in this type of translation.


Translation services are not the only service that we are able to offer our customers. Our team will help to present, adapt everything to your needs.

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