Interpreting Interpretation and translation equipment rental


Interpretation is one of the most requested, but at the same time one of the most complex types of translation, which often confuses customers about its pricing. In today's world, language knowledge is not enough. Interpreter's responsibilities include knowledge of different businesses specifics, communication skills, as well as knowledge of business language and communication.

Basic types of interpretation:

Interpreting is usually chosen by the clients who are going to visit the partners and want to make an appropriate impression. We recommend choosing a highly qualified specialist who will not only translate what the client wants, but will also be able to represent the client and leave the desired impression. The interpreter also may accompany your company's delegation outside Latvia if the company needs to go to an exhibition, experience exchange trip, meeting with cooperation partners and other events.

The most requested interpretation types:

Rental of translation equipment - LK Translation offers the rent of professional simultaneous translation equipment. The listeners will listen to the interpreter's speech in headphones, thus you may combine the work of several interpreters, and it will be possible to hear different languages in the headphones, depending on the wishes of the listeners and customers. We offer such solution for both large events and individual cases. When using this option, it is more convenient and easier for the client to hear what the interpreter is saying, as it is not affected by ambient noise.

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