Notarized translations Notarized or certified by a translation agency

Notarized translations

Notarized translation:
A notarized translation is the translation that is certified by a qualified translator. In turn, the authenticity of his/her signature is certified by a sworn notary, observing the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
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Usually the notarized translation is used when the following documents are being translated:
In compliance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia, a sworn notary may certify a translation from one language to another only if he or she knows both languages. If the notary does not speak the relevant languages, the authenticity of the translator's signature that translated the relevant document is certified.

Types of notarized translation: Certification from the translation agency:
An alternative to a notarized translation is a certificate from a translation agency. The translation is sewn to a copy of the document and certified by the signature of a qualified translator and the seal of the office. Such certificate is not equivalent to a notarized certificate; therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact us before ordering such a certificate.

Certified translations receipt types:

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Please note, we point out that there is no register of the sworn translators and translators or authority in Latvia that certifies translators, therefore there is no certificate of a sworn translator. Such certification is a simple translator certification or notarization.