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Medical translations

Medical translations are a very common type of translation nowadays. Translations in this field are not only medicinal product prescriptions or instructions, but also doctors' conclusions, equipment instructions, etc. Medical translations are one of the most complex types of translation, often containing very sensitive information. LK Translation observes special confidentiality when performing such translation, entrusting these works only to specialists with appropriate experience and education. Translators of the documents in this field are specialized in performing translations of the medical nature. Medical translations cannot be approximate - they must be precise and unambiguous, which requires the translator's knowledge and understanding of the nature and meaning of the material to be translated.

The most common medical translations:

  • medical equipment manuals;
  • translations of doctors' conclusions;
  • medicinal product descriptions;
  • medicinal product instructions;
  • translations of expertise;
  • sick-leave, prescriptions, and other documents

Price of medical translations: for detailed information on the price of specific translation, contact LK Translation staff.