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Machine translation, to use it or not to use?

Nowadays, everyone has faced with machine translation capabilities. Whoever does not know Google Translation or similar programs and tools, but keep in mind that such programs, by their very nature, can not correctly translate large and specific texts.

What is the basic principle of how these programs works?

A program is not a human being, it literally perceives the text literally, which is translated as it is. The most significant differences in translation will be that the program can not distinguish between writing styles, tenses, specific phrases and terms. In the text the correct tenses or expressions may not be used that can irreversibly deface it, and the translation will lose its original meaning. Any expression in Latvian will not mean exactly the same in other languages, as well as different words have different meanings whose usage differs from context.

When can you use these programs?

Translations made by computer programs should be intended for everyday user who wants to understand the meaning of the text to be translated, translate a certain phrase or sentence quickly, but these programs will not always be able to translate the more complex text so as not to lose a basic idea of it.

When is it better to not use machine translation?

Such program is not by no means recommended for document translation or longer text processing. As we pointed out above, the program can really misunderstand the nature of the text, and the translation simply loses its meaning, as the text loses its style, orthography. It is better to entrust such works to translators who really better understand the text and will do the work with the greatest sense of responsibility, guaranteeing the highest quality of the text. At present, such machine translators are able to provide people with translations of simple texts or words that can be used for personal use. Perhaps in the future, indeed, these programs will be able to provide high-quality translations for texts of large volume, but, while there is no such guarantee, be careful and choose professional services.